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The first time someone introduced me to essential oils I was extremely skeptical. Having a child with special needs has meant that too many people want to sell me something. And, of course, you can’t leave any stone unturned without a huge sense of guilt. Throughout the years we have spent so much money on supplements that really made no difference in our lives, other than running up a credit card.

Then someone I trusted mentioned essential oils at a time when I was desperate for sleep. I went out to a local “health” food store and bought a bottle of Lavender and a bottle of Frankincense. I came home and diffused the Lavender and…..nothing. Applied the Frankincense and…..nothing. I dismissed essential oils as a waste of time and money.

Then a beautiful, precious friend called to say she wanted to bless me with an essential oils starter kit. As most special needs moms will agree, this life can feel so isolating that we often feel invisible. So, I was stunned by such a sweet and extremely generous offer. I tried to say it was too much but her response was, “No! God has blessed my Young Living business and I want to bless you.” This culture of allowing God to love people through you is prevalent within and throughout Young Living.

AHHHHH, the day the Young Living Premium Starter Kit came I couldn’t wait to see what was in there. But I also knew my husband would be going to his second job soon, a bluesy time for me, and waiting to open it would give me something to look forward to.

As soon as he left, I sat down on the floor beside our son, Ryan, feeling discouraged, isolated, and battling fear over some new health complications with our sweet boy. Of course, being sleep deprived didn’t help with the emotions either.

Then I was distracted by the brown box across the room with Young Living Essential Oils written across it. I was so excited! I opened the box and pulled out a beautiful box, and I mean beautiful, as in the kind that fine jewelry would come in. On it was a picture of Lavender Fields and the company slogan, “From our Fields to your Family.” Looking back at it now, I realize how much that statement conveys Dr. Gary Young’s heart. He isn’t just “selling”; his heart is to help us love and care for our families. He will let a best seller go out of stock before he will sell an oil that does pass his 8 point test….3 TIMES!!!

I unpacked the box to find 11 bottles of essential oils, a home diffuser, Ningxia samples and essential oil sample sachets. From the first smell, Lavender was my absolute favorite! That was solidified when I fell asleep in Ryan’s room that night with Lavender diffusing. Then sudden panic the next morning. RYAN! He hadn’t made a noise all night. He would typically wake up whaling several times each night, which is why I had started sleeping in his room. I quickly checked to see if he was still breathing and he was sleeping like a baby!!

After a few nights, I felt comfortable with letting him sleep alone again. I continued to leave the diffuser going in Ryan’s room and he continued to sleep well. I, on the other hand, did not sleep well. I went out the next day and bought another diffuser!

I joined the Essential Rewards Program since I knew that I would never be without Lavender again, Young Living Lavender that is, not the cheap floral water at the health food store. I also knew that I could cancel anytime I wanted so there was nothing to lose. Why would I not sign up for Essential Rewards and earn free credit with each purchase? Plus, it gave me a lower shipping cost. Before I knew it, without even trying, I was getting a credit towards my next purchase and then a check in the mail each month. Hmmmm, what if I tried to pursue the business side?

I would love to have you join me on my journey for the Beautiful Life with Team Bella Vita and would be happy to answer any questions! I’m also excited to start blogging here and sharing the many other ways that Young Living Essential Oils continues to bring out the beauty in our lives.

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